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Proven methodologies

Whilst every project deserves its own, specific approach, there are a number of proven methods and tools that FastTrack‘s consultants will reuse from project to project. In doing so, we are able to leverage global best practices on specific project needs, thus ensuring every single project enjoys the very best treatment.

Change Management

“All we do is change management” – In their projects with us, our clients develop new capabilities that are transformative to their business. Hence, understanding how change happens, and how it can be influenced, is of the essence!

There are many theories on change management, but FastTrack doesn’t belong to any school in particular. We like to pick and choose from the best available methodologies for a particular project. However, some frameworks are worth highlighting, as they have contributed to successful projects in the past, and are reused on a regular basis:

  • ADKAR (Prosci) is based on the notion that organizations don’t change; it are (all) the individuals that have to adopt the change for the organization to be transformed! Also, people don’t change; they just change their behaviors. Based on these premises, ADKAR promotes a 5-step individual change process, linked to an organizational change context.
  • Keller & Price (McKinsey) promote a holistic approach, acknowledging that the fuel for lasting transformation is to be sourced from a clear and credible vision of the future; a story that every stakeholder can connect with. Sustaining the movement requires strong and visible organizational support, and role models that everyone can rely on.
  • Stanford University professor Harold J. Leavitt identified four variables – technology, organization, process and people – that must be included in any organizational change, if the benefits of the change are to be fully realized. Change can only be successful if it addresses the organization in a holistic way. FastTrack applies Leavitt’s “diamond model” of organizations to ensure that all its dimensions are accounted for, and that a balanced, holistic approach to change is taken.

Project Management

Whilst sound project management is undeniably important to the success of any project, we have learned that it is best to adopt our clients’ methodologies, rather than to impose our own. Over the years, FastTrack has developed experience with the major project management frameworks, from agile (scrum) to traditional waterfall (Prince), including widely accepted project management standards such as the PMI.

However, we believe that our open and transparent approach, the quality of our communication, and our shared commitment to results, are far more important than any methodology!

Workshop Facilitation

Reports may be useful, but when it comes to safeguarding enduring organizational transformation, even the most well-written and beautifully illustrated reports won’t help… What gets to the people’s guts, what engages participants in the change and ultimately drives adoption, are the genuine experiences from real-life. Hence, workshops, whereby participants actively engage in the change process, to the point that they will own the results, are far more effective than presentations and reports!

At FastTrack, we are experienced in a variety of engaging consulting and facilitation practices, such as Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Hosting, Presencing, and Theory U. These practices, which include facilitation techniques such as circles or world cafés, involve participants through the cocreation of their own future. Also, our ideal role as consultants is to be the facilitators of a client’s change, rather than having to be involved in that change ourselves…

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