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FastTrack is an independent, open, results-driven consultancy applying a holistic, strengths-based approach to our clients’ projects. In doing so, we aim for our clients’ autonomy.

Client Autonomy

At FastTrack, we strongly believe that our client’s autonomy is the ultimate measure of success. That is, we love to facilitate our clients’ projects and work towards their realization, but we would not want to become a party that our clients are dependent on for the long term…

Holistic View

Leavitt by FastTrack

Change can only be successful if it addresses the organization in a systemic way. FastTrack applies Leavitt’s “diamond model” of organizations to ensure that all its dimensions are accounted for, and that a balanced, holistic approach to change is taken. Leavitt’s model depicts organizations as comprising of four interacting components: Processes, Technology, People and Organizational structure. It is an easy to understand framework that allows involving all stakeholders from the beginning of a project. In our experience, this allows rapidly building a common vocabulary, covering all the aspects of the change, and structuring the needs/requirements expressed.


Whilst we entertain quality relationships with many consultancies and vendors, we cherish our independent status: our advice is objective and unbiased, always driven by our clients’ needs, never by dependencies or relationships with other industry-players.

Open & Transparent

A small team involved in sometimes large projects, we work as a networked company, relying on trusted consultants and partners, thus offering the full scale of services our clients expect from us. FastTrack practices open collaboration across industries — with clients, partners, suppliers and competitors alike — thus applying open innovation principles to ourselves. We do so in full transparency — both financial and organizational — as we believe that collaborating respectfully between all parties involved in a project is a key requirement for success!



To be successful, any change has to be aligned with the organization’s mission & vision. Stronger even, one has to be able to demonstrate the change’s contribution to measurable organizational outcomes (such as financials, productivity, quality, service levels, etc). Therefore, FastTrack applies a disciplined value management approach to aligning change initiatives to strategic outcomes, allowing an organization to appraise the path of contribution from change initiatives (investments) to expected benefits (results).


Whilst the traditional organizational audit typically focuses on weaknesses and suggests improvements to overcome those weaknesses, FastTrack has the experience that it is much more powerful for an organization to work on its strengths, both at the personal and the organizational level. The strengths-based view allows designing a desired future that is compelling — that participants can effortlessly buy into/be passionate about — that will not require the use of incentives, coercion or persuasion for planned change to occur, thus easing the Organizational Transformation.

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