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New Ways of Working


New Tools, New Culture?

When was the last time you read a user manual? I was recently asked this question, and had to admit the last manual I read was many years ago! Actually, I think that my recent laptop shipped without manual. And so did my smartphone! And I don’t even know if my apps or software come […]

Corporate vs. Coworking Culture: a learning curve for all

At the Coworking Europe Conference in Milano this week, I participated in a panel on “Coworking with, in or for corporations?”, with Baptiste Broughton, Jennifer Magnolfi, Alice Soru, and Madeleine von Mohl (our excellent moderator). I was delighted by the choice of the other panelists, and we had a meaningful and enriching conversation, which also […]

Corporate vs. Coworking Culture: forever rivals or future partners?

At FastTrack, our typical client is a large organization, whilst our typical work environment is the coworking space! We have supported the coworking movement since the early days (actively engaged since 2008), and in recent years, we have accompanied several clients in the transformation of their work culture… We see that more and more often, […]

La grande mutation du travail est (déjà) en cours!

L’émergence des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information (NTIC), la crise économique, l’instantanéité, les nouveaux enjeux de l’entreprise qui induisent les changements sont autant de facteurs de l’évolution du monde du travail. Mais quelle sera la place de l’individu au travail dans cette nouvelle société numérique d’ici 10 à 15 ans ? Fini le temps où l’individu […]

Do I work or do I have a job?

After graduating, we all assume it’s time to get a “real job”. But it’s not because everybody does so, that it’s a good idea. Digital destroys yesterday’s jobs, but it doesn’t replace them. Digital remodels work: we have to learn to work differently. Until now, employees were spending hours and hours at company offices to […]

Do we really, really want the NWoW?

Digital isn’t new in organizations: it’s been an ongoing evolution over the past 50 years which have brought organizations to adopt information technology at first, to fully embrace the digital (and especially mobile) revolution today. Digital isn’t new in society either: personal computing has become a natural part of our daily lives since the late […]

TEDx and the NWoW

TEDxBrussels 2014 (seen through NWoW eyes) In a tweet earlier this week, Isabel De Clercq from Wolters Kluwer challenged me to write (for their Yammer NWoW community) something about the most important takeaways of TEDxBrussels The question got my interest, was it only because it forced me into thinking about a perspective that was NOT […]

The Internal Community Manager is dead… Long live the Internal Community Manager!

Let’s imagine management decides radically changing the way employees will be working in the future: no more strict working hours, fixed offices, etc. but management by results, flex-desk and teleworking, an office environment that is facilitating collaborative work with appropriate social technologies, etc. Sounds great, not? Changing culture = Changing behaviors… As the manager responsible […]

Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT – Getting Social Enterprise Ready!

FastTrack will be at the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT at Paris on February 12-13. Sylvie Delberghe and Magali Ventat are going at this European…

IRISLink 2014 Information Management

Our team is going at this event to meet all professionals involved in Information Management. Christian de Neef and Liesbet…