FastTrack • Your transformation, Facilitated!

Your transformation. Facilitated!

Need to open up your innovation efforts? Looking for a culture of exchange and collaboration? Want to promote new ways of working in your organization?

Or… simply don’t know how to fix a problem? Whatever the goal you want to achieve, FastTrack is there to help


Expose your problem – FastTrack helps you finding the right solution.

Our consulting role is not prescriptive. We are not there to impose our rules/methods and commend how people should behave. Quite the contrary, we create the right conditions to help you discover by yourself what you really need and what best fits your organization’s culture. To do so, we need you as an active participant in every project phase.


It’s all about creating the right environment

In addition to facilitating your project (budget, resources, planning, etc.), FastTrack can help you in managing your organizational change by taking into account your existing tools and procedures, but also cultural and human factors, specific to your organization.
FastTrack offers an approach combining human resources and technologies (collaborative platforms, online training platforms, customer relationship management, document management systems, social media, etc.) as a lever to facilitate cultural change in your organization.


We can’t force people to change. How the organization and individuals will adapt to a new habitat is like flowing water: they will always take the path of least resistance. FastTrack helps you create the right circumstances (physical, technological, economic, emotional and social) to make the change happening. We create the right environment, allowing individuals to take the right path. Even if we agree that tools can help your organization achieving its objectives, we strongly believe that an organization has to put in place communication plans as well as training and support activities to make their project a real success.