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New Ways of Working (NWoW)

The times of Taylorism and old-style hierarchical management are long gone. By adapting its management style and innovating the ways of working, organizations can successfully meet the challenges of today’s economic, social and cultural transformation.


The increasingly difficult economic context imposes a great deal of flexibility on organizations and their employees. At the same time, there is an expectation that work becomes more autonomous, collaborative and productive, distributed in space and time, and better supported by technology. It’s the New World of Work!

Enterprise 2.0

FastTrack‘s NWoW practice is rooted in what is commonly known as the Enterprise 2.0, or “the emergence of new social relationships within companies, or between companies and their competitors, partners or customers, often facilitated by social software” (inspired by Andrew McAfee’s definition).Of course, the pressures on both private and public organizations, and the fundamental transformations that are required in response to these pressures, go well beyond collaborative work and social media. FastTrack engages with its clients in:
  • more flexible work organization, such as flexdesk and homeworking,
  • new roles for middle management, enabling higher employee autonomy and responsibility,
  • digital, streamlined processes, increasing operational efficiency and productivity,
  • enabling technologies, from information and knowledge management to collaboration and social media,
  • organizational structures, including roles and responsibilities, for supporting NWoW over the long term.


Holistic Approach

Clients have told us that it’s FastTrack‘s holistic approach that differentiates us from the competition. FastTrack‘s NWoW services are not driven by specialized perspectives such as workspace redesign or collaborative technology. Rather, they are informed and motivated by all that is required to successfully enable a new work culture. Because in our experience, it’s only when the culture changes, that the transformation is sustainable!

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