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FastTrack’s new clothes (more than just a website)

FastTrack finally renews its web presence with a fresh new website: a place to get acquainted, present our domains of expertise, team, and thinking

Of course, you may already know FastTrack as a management consulting business, but we certainly are more than that… More than anything else, it’s the people behind FastTrack – employees & partners – that make a difference! A team that priviledges opennes, the sharing of knowledge, and works in new, innovative and collaborative ways (NWoW). A team that’s open to new opportunities, be it social, technological, or businesswise.

www. – a collaborative endeavour


We believe that the success of our online communications strategy is not related to our web presence alone, but certainly much more linked to the extraordinary teamwork that lead to its creation. At every step of the process, meaningful conversations on our identity, our values and vision of consulting, but also on the social technologies and tools needed, have helped us forward. Thinking together with clients and partners alike — from ideation to execution — the development of our web presence has been very much a reflection of how we deliver our consulting services.

FastTrack – not just a business, but a network of trust

As a principle, the work we do relies on collaboration between our clients, partners, and ourselves. Also, in defining and implementing our digital strategy, we have adopted the same principle: a creative and generous network of clients and partners has teamed up with us from initial ideation all the way to the photography illustrating our site, ensuring that our digital presence is a true reflection of who we are and how we work. All the beautiful people that contributed, in small or big ways, are listed on our team pages. Thank you all, as without you we would not be writing this post!

Knowledge Sharing

Certainly, our blog is an extension of the wonderful encounters we had when defining and implementing our digital strategy over the last months. We wish this blog to become a place for reflection around our favorite discussion topics: innovation, knowledge management, learning organizations, new ways of working, social technologies, etc.

Welcome to our place on the web! We hope to meet you here and read you often…

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