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Meet the team behind FastTrack

Christian De Neef

Owner, Management Consultant
Seasoned business consultant, project director, working at the crossroads of innovation management, [...]

Sylvie Delberghe

Partner, Management Consultant
Management consultant with a penchant for knowledge sharing & collaboration, working in new ways [...]

Magali Ventat

Partner, New Media Consultant
Curious to get to know the world around her, her interest in communication meets this instinctive ab [...]

Anathalie Mukundwa

Entrepreneur, Technology Consultant
A computer scientist with a degree from Mons-Hainaut University (UMH), she combines a passion for te [...]

Gaetan Dhont

Business Analyst, Technology Consultant
Skilled IT professional with broad experience ranging from IT Governance to project and people manag [...]

Kiran Bergeret

Designer, Entrepreneur, Legal services
A social entrepreneur currently involved in developing a line of specialized clothing, she studied o [...]

Sarah Basha

Communication Specialist

Sophie Chaouche

Content and Document Management Consultant and Contractor

Tanguy Pay

Copywriter, Creative at large, Loose electron

Karen Schmidt

Innovation Management, projects, learning & change

Xavier Bartholome

Connecting Knowledge and people

Benoit de Bellefroid

Strengths Based Trainer & Coach

Elodie Deceuninck

Photographer, Design shop owner

Erika Claessens

Journalist, writer, Lifehacker

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Clotilde Fouss

Information Management consultant
Information Management consultant with a passion for metadata. Working on information architecture a [...]