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changing behaviors


Learning beyond Learning…

Spa Francorchamps. Fast cars on a beautiful track. Engines revving. If you are there, you are likely fond of fast cars and F1 racing. Certainly, you know how to drive… more than certainly, you are in a seat, but not on the track. I love to drive. I love to watch Lewis Hamilton drive. I […]

New Tools, New Culture?

When was the last time you read a user manual? I was recently asked this question, and had to admit the last manual I read was many years ago! Actually, I think that my recent laptop shipped without manual. And so did my smartphone! And I don’t even know if my apps or software come […]

The Internal Community Manager is dead… Long live the Internal Community Manager!

Let’s imagine management decides radically changing the way employees will be working in the future: no more strict working hours, fixed offices, etc. but management by results, flex-desk and teleworking, an office environment that is facilitating collaborative work with appropriate social technologies, etc. Sounds great, not? Changing culture = Changing behaviors… As the manager responsible […]