FastTrack • Your transformation, Facilitated!


Move innovation beyond the traditional borders of the organization, get ideas from the most fertile sources, take advantage of every collaboration opportunity


Move away from the traditional silo culture, enable cross-organizational sharing and collaboration, benefit from your organization’s collective intelligence


Embrace a productive work culture based on modern management principles, supported by enabling technologies, and favoring employees’ autonomy and responsibility

Need to open up your innovation efforts? Looking for a culture of sharing and collaboration? Want to promote new ways of working in your organization? FastTrack enables you delivering lasting organizational change, in the most balanced, healthy and sustainable way.


Owning the change

Your business transformation can only be successful, if you own the change, if you’re in the driving seat. And that is exactly what FastTrack aims for. Rather than prescribing what you should do, or try implementing the change on your behalf, we prefer help create the right circumstances for the change to happen… naturally!

Creating the right environment

FTC card LightSuccessful transformation requires crafting the right circumstances, nurturing a fertile environment, engaging the organizations key resources… For that to happen, we need to listen and learn from the outset of the project, accompany and guide you all the way, be available and present when you need us. At the core of our consulting practice there is a strong desire for the change to be yours, not ours… to help you develop your autonomy, not our dependency… and for the change to be successful and sustainable!

Working with a fine team

We are flexible and nimble. We are independent. We are open and transparent. We are easy to do business with. We are committed and deeply involved. We are respectful of your competencies and practices. We are FastTrack! — @ftrk

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